AWS new ip address pricing

AWS new ip address pricing 

Amazon AWS Introduces New Public IPv4 Address Charge in 2024: Prepare for the Change!

AWS Aug 5, 2023

IP addresses have become increasingly scarce and expensive. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud computing provider, has recognized this issue and is implementing a new pricing model for public IP version 4 (IPv4) addresses, which will likely drive many users to switch to IPv6.

Starting from February 1st, 2024, a single IPv4 address will incur a cost of half a cent per hour, amounting to $3.6 per month or $43.8 per year. This charge will apply regardless of whether the IP address is actively used or not. AWS states that this change is necessary to offset the rising costs associated with managing and providing IPv4 addresses.

AWS new ip pricing
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AWS Chief Evangelist, Jeff Barr, explains the rationale behind the change in a blog post, highlighting that the cost of acquiring a single public IPv4 address has surged by more than 300% in the past five years due to the scarcity of available addresses.

Previously, in-use Public IPv4 addresses, including those provided by Amazon and Elastic IP, assigned to resources in virtual private clouds (VPC), Amazon Global Accelerator, and AWS site-to-site VPN tunnels were free of charge. However, this will no longer be the case, and the new pricing model will apply to all AWS services across all regions.

For users who require additional secondary elastic IP addresses, whether they are in use or idle, the cost will also be 0.5 cents per hour.

The primary aim of this pricing adjustment is to encourage users to be more mindful of their usage of public IPv4 addresses and to consider adopting IPv6 as a more modern and sustainable alternative. IPv6 provides a solution to the limited availability of IPv4 addresses and enables continued growth in the digital landscape.

By implementing this new charge, AWS hopes to prompt users to consider accelerating their adoption of IPv6 as a conservation measure and a step towards embracing a more efficient and cost-effective approach to IP addressing.

Now, you have the freedom to bring your own IP addresses to AWS with the new BYOIP feature. This exciting addition allows you to seamlessly integrate your existing IP addresses into the AWS ecosystem.

If you're a new AWS customer, you'll also enjoy added benefits with the AWS Free Tier program. For the first 12 months, you'll get 750 hours (equivalent to 31.25 days) of free IPv4 address usage. It's an excellent opportunity to explore and experience the power of AWS without worrying about IP address costs.

Understanding the usage of IP addresses is crucial, and AWS is stepping up its game. They'll be incorporating IP address statistics in the AWS Cost and Usage Reports. This enhancement will provide valuable insights into your IP address utilization, helping you optimize your resources effectively.

In addition, AWS is rolling out a brand new feature called Public IP Insights. This feature is designed to assist users in using public IPv4 addresses more efficiently while gaining a deeper understanding of user security profiles. With Public IP Insights, you can ensure that your resources are used wisely and securely.

The internet relies on IP addresses for identifying each device. However, the rapid expansion of the digital landscape has depleted the existing IPv4 address space. But don't worry! The latest IPv6 internet protocol version comes to the rescue with its significantly larger address space, ensuring there are plenty of addresses to go around.

Despite the advantages of IPv6, it's essential to understand that IPv4 and IPv6 are not inherently compatible. There are concerns about compatibility, a lack of incentives, and the familiarity of the IPv4 address format, which have hindered the widespread adoption of IPv6.

In conclusion, AWS is empowering its users with more choices, increased insights, and innovative features to make the most out of IP addresses. With BYOIP, Free Tier benefits, and valuable insights through Cost and Usage Reports and Public IP Insights, you can take control of your IP address resources and optimize your AWS experience. Embracing the future of IPv6 may take time, but it offers a scalable and sustainable solution for the evolving digital landscape.